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New High Power Smart Portable Garden Solar Light

New High Power Smart Portable Garden Solar Light

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High -end household solar lamps, burst light four -core lamp beads, increase lithium battery, nano -reflector technology, intelligent remote control, fast charging, continuous electricity in rainy daysOur advantage is: power display, wide lighting range, free wiring, outdoor rain and lightning protection, remote control distance, automatic light responseLED newly upgraded one -hole and four beads, there are many lamps, high brightness, high lighting, more lighting, farther range, uniform brightness distributionIntelligent light control, turn off the lighting mode during the day, automatically turn on the lighting mode at nightLarge -screen crystal silicon plate, polycrystalline silicon solar plate, quickly obtain solar energy, about 8 hours full, lasting battery lifeIP67 waterproof grade, no fear of heavy rain, waterproof joint, professional waterproof design, after many waterproof level testsIntelligent control, convenient use, humanized design of 3-5 meters remote control distanceGift 5 meters of waterproof extension lineAnti -dazzling Tempered glass,Explosion -proof and heavy pressure,High temperature resistanceLight transmission,high brightness,Real reduction color clarity,Light transmission is as high as 90%,Strong anti -stress resistance,Smart power display,How much is the point and how much is it at a glanceElectricity,Buyer experience sharing,Sufficient brightness,Mandarin lasting Charging fastSuitable for various occasions: stadium, roads, courtyards, streets, communities, squares, parks, new rural areas, villas, etc.


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