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New radar sensor solar light retractable garden light

New radar sensor solar light retractable garden light

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Aerospace Technology LED solar lamp, high brightness and long battery life
Human body induction, 10 -meter radar sensor, no one is bright, people come to light
Intelligent light control is always bright, no need to operate all weather changes
Automatically charge during the day, automatically turn on at night
The sun is charged, and it can also be charged on a cloudy day. High -quality A -class polysilicon solar panels, higher photoelectric conversion, long service life, improved output efficiency
There are many ways to install, three installation methods: wall installation, pole installation, thick electric pole installation, meet the requirements of outdoor lighting, the light pole can be free to retract and shrink
The light source is strong, enhanced the coverage, moisture -proof and waterproof LED lamp beads, high quality, longer brightness life, not afraid of thunderstorm weather
Intelligent remote control solar light control, remote control can be switched at a fixed time
Suitable for various occasions: roads, courtyards, aisles, communities, squares, parks, new rural areas, villas, etc.

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