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Smart high -power outdoor courtyard solar lamp

Smart high -power outdoor courtyard solar lamp

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Strong brightness, ultra -long battery life, continuous electricity in 365 days, 0 electricity costs throughout the year.
Fully automatic light control, automatic charging during the day, dark light light sky
Multiple installation methods: wall installation, cement pole installation, light rod installation
No fear of bad weather, no fear of low temperature, IP65 professional -level outdoor waterproof lightning protection
Rainy days charging technology, the 5th generation core technology technology solves the problem of battery life, rainy days can be battered 15 days
At present, the LED light source used by cyclisting headlights, large -capacity power batteries, uses high brightness LED chips, has strong light sources, enhances wide coverage, and has a longer service life.
Efficient upgrade, high -precision power transmission line, more accurate transmission, lower failure rate, more convenient use
The use of aerospace A -class polysilicon silicon light board can absorb more quickly, and the lighting is stronger and more long -lasting
Suitable for various occasions: stadium, roads, courtyards, streets, communities, squares, parks, new rural areas, villas, etc.

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